Water Testing

We have the latest BioGuard Smart Lab for testing pool and spa water. Our trained staff will provide step by step printed instructions for your pool in addition to a recommended maintenance program. Bring your pool water in every 3 or 4 weeks to have it professionally checked and learn how keeping your water balanced protects both the swimmers and your investment.


BioGuard Chemicals

BioGuard's 3 Step Program kills bacteria, keeps water sparkling clear and prevents a wide variety of algae. New for 2018 is Bioguard SilkGuard Complete sanitizing tabs and sticks that sanitize, protect equipment, prevent algae, and make your water feel silky. Another new product for 2018 is Algae Complete; it can kill and prevent algae using a two completely different types of algaecide. Additional products such as  Optimizer Plus, Pool Complete, Natural Clarifier, and Natural Result enhance your swimming experience by making your water brilliantly clear. To learn more about how BioGuard pool chemicals can help visit the website below and stop in at Cheswick Pools!

BioGuard's Website


Test Kits and Test Strips

Taylor test kits are the best for pool and spa water testing. We have Taylor kits and reagents, Bioguard test strips, and AquaChek test strips. Our sales associates can help you select the testing method that will work best for you.